Set up on

You can register for Shipnix with email/password or Github login.

After registration, there are a few initial steps before you can create a server.

Github login

The Github login has a several benefits like quicker login.

It also simplifies connecting with Github, so Shipnix can create new repositories and deploy keys for you.

Shipnix can not delete repositories.

Add server provider credentials

After registering, provide your credentials from DigitalOcean.

Log in or register at

Then, navigate to API and click Generate New Token

Give your token a name and make sure it has both read and write permissions.

The actual token key will only visible once, so make sure to copy it right away.

Inside , select Access Control. Insert the access token you copied from DigitalOcean.

Token name can be anything. It can be convenient to name it the same as you did in DigitalOcean to better remember it.