Create and destroy servers

Creating servers

There are different ways of creating a server, depending on what you want to do.

1. Create a new project

Creating a server from Shipnix is a great way to start a new project.

  1. Select a starter template, pick your hardware specs and create
  2. Follow the git guide in your server dashboard to create a new repo with deploy key from your server
  3. Pull the code to your computer and start developing

2. Create a server based on an existing repository

There are two ways to add an existing project.

a. Import a Shipnix compatible project

You can create a staging server or maybe you have a personal starter template.

b. Import a non-Shipnix project

If you have a project that has not yet been deployed on Shipnix, you can choose to “shipnixify” your code.

Shipnix will generate a script you can run locally on your machine to make the necessary changes to your repository.

Deleting servers

If you wish to delete your server, this can be done from the Shipnix dashboard under Settings.

There are two ways of deleting a server from Shipnix.


Ejecting your server means simply that data about your server is erased from Shipnix. Your server will still exist, just not on Shipnix.

Destroy server

Destroying your server will wipe your server from DigitalOcean and Shipnix.